Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey, buddy

Some random Marvel characters done (more or less) in the style of the wee yellow emoticon buddy dudes this week - for use as avatars on messenger, social media sites and anywhere else that need a profile head-shot i guess. Thinking of creating a few more sets (when time allows) based on Star Wars, Doctor Who and possibly some horror characters - any other ideas welcome. Running out of ideas for different styles to play with so i think it will be back to 'normal' comic art for the next few weeks.


  1. They're great!

    How about Spaghetti Westerns emoticons? For example, "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".

  2. Cheers, John. Might stick that idea on my to do list - would be a good excuse to rewatch the movies too. Don't think i've experimented with anything of a western nature here so that's probably something is should do at some point.

  3. Those are amazing! Would you mind if I cut up the image to use as Twitter icons?

    Also, I think I met you and your son at Hi-Ex? Did you buy a stack of comics from me at a pound a throw?

  4. Hi, Ross. Yep, no problem at all - help yourself, i've actually just changed my twitter icon over to the Captain Britain one myself. Re Hi-Ex - nope wasn't me, i was there with Logan but he managed to spend all my cash for me and i didn't actually buy anything for myself. I was probably close by your table a couple of times though as he tried to get me to buy micromaster Transformers from the FP table next to you - so i might have said hi in passing.