Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Bunny time

Easter Bunny time in my household so this weeks doodle had to be bunny related - so ended up doing a sketch of Captain Carrot. Even as a kid i was never really a fan of 'funny animal' comics (even in the Superhero genre) and remember the introduction of Captain Carrot and his Zoo Crew teaming up with Superman as being one of the strangest comics i read as a youngster. So i thought this would be a chance to draw something a bit different again.

Decided to use a bit of artistic license and get rid of the muscular body and make the characters anatomy, posture and movement a bit more animal like and less Superman like - could only take this so far though before it would looks like a completely different character. Never really understood why comic book 'animal characters' and aliens / monsters always have to look so humanoid in structure - loads of lost opportunities for wacky designs.

1 comment:

  1. I loved Captain Carrot when I was younger, might even have been one of the first comics I bought can't quite remember.

    Cheers Tom!