Friday, November 25, 2011

Dept. of Monsterology - Slutherneerg

Reports on the Slutherneerg, the last of the four new species discovered below the Guatemala sinkholes, are now in. The Slutherneerg serve in many capacities but primarily they act as a mode of transport for the other denizens, providing travel between the interconnected caves deep under the surface. It has been suggested that it is the movement of the Slutherneerg, rather than environmental reasons, that may actually be the cause of the sinkholes in this region.

A fully grown Slutherneerg will be almost 3/4 of a mile long and weigh several tons. The creature burrows through the earths core creating the vast tunnel network and can easily carry in the region of 500 passengers on it's back from tunnel to tunnel. The Slutherneerg can hook itself into cavern walls to rest in place and can also use these hooks to allow it traverse above any abyss it may come across and to climb vertical walls.

As violent and ruthless as the Rikitiktik are, they revere the Slutherneerg almost as a deity and protect the species at all costs. The carcasses of deceased Slutherneerg are considered sacred ground and are hollowed out to be used as both shrines and safe-haven hospices for the elderly and poorly of the Rikitiktiks.

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