Friday, November 4, 2011

Dept. of Monsterology - Joe

Reports on the "Joe", one of the four new species discovered below the Guatemala sinkholes, are now in. The Joe act as servants to the Rikitiktik, they are very loyal (to the point of death in the organised bloodsports) but are very dim-witted and show no signs of independant thought.

The Joe stands about 7 feet tall and is deceptively powerful. They share almost identical DNA with the Rikitiktik and our scientist are still investigating the possibility of an evolutionary split from one original species. The vestigal like wings on their shoulders can actually carry them across short crevices in a hovering manner, their hollow bone structure aids in this feat. They have 'teeth' which seem to be made of some kind of granite compound which they use to pulp food rather than rip at it. They have excellent 'night' vision and are commonly used as guides through the dark caverns - our entomolgists are currently studying a sample of antenna and eye to better understand the mechanisms behind this.

The outstanding reports on the Fidos and Slutherneerg will follow shortly.

n.b. I thought i would use the Dept. of Monsterolgy slot to get myself a few weeks ahead with Scotch Corner as i had time to knock up a few and thought i would post them individually, but Simon has now made me feel guilty by posting all of his together (not guilty enough to change my plan mind you). Doesn't help that his creatures were all awesome - damn the man :)

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