Monday, January 17, 2011

Jonday - Cavern city

One from Paizo Publishing:

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(c)2011 Paizo Publishing


  1. I like the subtle repetition of the snake icon from foreground to background- verra nice guv.

    PS I am whoring out for comments and feedback on the last two pieces on my blog, so if you have time head on over :)

  2. Thanks guys!

    Tommi - I'm just finishing off a little video I've made for you about one of your pieces. I'll link it up on your blog and here when it's done - it was much easier to talk than to type! Might be tomorrow before it hits Youchoob!

  3. Hi Tommi,
    As requested, some feedback. I think you're having some issues with making a convincingly deep environment, so here's some tips in video format:

  4. Dear Jon, I can't beleive the time you've taken over this - thank you thank you thenk you; you see, I'm so overwhelmed I can't even spell properly.

    As I was painting this a friend suggested I download sketchup so I have, but I wish I'd done so earlier! I'm still having a play, but I didn't know I could change the appearance like that: I like the sketchy look that softens the shapes a bit and also getting accurate lighting and cast shadows which is always a bugbear of mine. Even watching your demo there were a couple of angles where I could see exactly what I was going for, but with a better outcome and a couple more that I'd not even thought of: DANG IT. Really took on board the comments about the group interacting with the environment- contemplating a complete redux of this one now!

    Thanks again Jon