Friday, January 7, 2011

A is for Ant-Man (and the Wasp)

Marvel A-Z week 1: Ant-man and the Wasp

Click on the images for larger versions.

When i started with Scotch Corner i planned on only ever putting up new material created specifically for the site (even if it was only a post-it pad sketch or the like) and hopefully play about with my inking and digital colouring etc., but over time i lapsed into posting old work. I think it was John who said something recently that drew my attention to the fact that we had all gone in that direction- so, New Year's resolution starts here this week.

I'm aiming to put up a new sketch or finished illustration every week this year and in order to motivate me and keep me on track i'm going to try to work through various themes. We had discussed theme weeks way back at the start of Scotch Corner but they never really took off due to worries over paying work deadlines - so see the Eclectic Micks recent posts over the last month or so to see what i mean.

So the first 26 weeks the theme set is Marvel A-Z. Unlikely to be any pencils for this set as i'm only doing rough block bodies in pencil and doing most of the work at the ink stage -if time allows i'll also digitally colour each image. I've already decided what quite a few of these will be, but if any body has suggestions for the letters I, K, O, U, X, Y and Z i'd love to hear them as i am still swithering or just can't think of characters for those letters.

But more importantly i'd love to hear suggestions for the follow up themes (which will probably be a months worth at a time rather than half a year - although an A-Z of DC is the obvious choice, i might leave that for a bit.) So a few initial ideas i've had are: Horror film characters, characters from Star Wars, characters done in the style of artist X, etc. - really willing to consider anything on this so look forward to hearing some ideas. Might put it to the vote closer to the time if a few strong contenders appear.


  1. Iron Man/ Patriot
    Kitty Pryde
    Odin (Thor's auld man)
    not sure for the others- would 'Xavier' be acceptable?

  2. Sorry for the double post- I just browsed characters at and came up with:
    US Agent or Union Jack

    hope that helps

  3. Cheers,Bruce - all noted for consideration and a few of them definately appeal as possibilities so i imagine a couple of them may well make it into the set.

    Thanks, Tom

  4. Can I suggest an element of competition?

    On my other SketchBlog , we choose one subject and then all draw it. That tends to foster a bit of competitive behaviour, which does tend to up ones game a tad. Also getting a bit of backchat in the comments helps up the ante too.
    I know that I'm very guilty of sticking whatever old tat I have lying about up here because I'm pretty overloaded with stuff ( 3 blogs and a webcomic ...oh and my dayjob ) so whatever shakes my complacency is good.

    It doesn't have to happen every week, but sometimes might be a laugh.

  5. Like the plan Tom and I think I'll happily drop into the theme on the odd occasion. I can think of a 'C' I was going to do anyway.

    Everyone knows their own commitments so if we have time to be involved then go for it. Looking over my posts I seem to have hit a 50/50 mark for new and old pieces.

    For this theme why don't we also tag those post with 'Marvel A-Z' as well as your usual name tag and that way people can see the theme separately if they wish.