Tuesday, January 25, 2011

D is for Darth Vader

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,Darth Vader,Star Wars"I find your lack of faith disturbing…"

Marvel Comics published 107 monthly issues of Star Wars starting in 1977 with the adaption of the first film 'A New Hope' written by Roy Thomas with art by Howard Chaykin. The series was immensely popular and has often been cited as 'saving' Marvel from dire finances and poor sales. As usual I've managed to not read a single issue but I'm guessing if you are a hard core Star Wars fan they're worth checking out.

This was done with my Pentel Brush pen for Vader, Staedtler Pigment Liners for the background and then out with the Promarker colour pens.

And again I've an old ink sketch that falls into the Marvel A-Z theme quite well…

D is for Death's Head

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration

Created by Simon Fruman and Geoff Senior this 'freelance peace-keeping agent' first appeared in the comic Transformers before getting his own short lived series. He keeps reappearing from time to time in different guises.


  1. Both amazing but the Vader one is has to clinch it for me.

  2. Thanks Alex, I must have enjoyed myself because I stayed up past my bedtime inking it. And on a school night too…

  3. 100 lines for you.
    I must not be influenced by the Dark side and go to bed early....