Friday, October 8, 2010

Trading up

Oops - last minute post this week as i got caught up with a complete new rebuild of my own site and just realised the time. I'll hopefully have the new site populated with content and finish the design etc over the next week or so. Anyhoo - the images above were from a trading card set given away by Marvel UK's Exploits of Spider-Man title a looooong time ago - click on 'em for larger versions. Think i did twelve in total and if memory serves, i think they were inked by Rod Ramos - i just remember they were supposed to be inked by Cam Smith but he ended up inking cards for some bloke called Gary Frank - who's he? :)


  1. Hey Tom,
    Blast from the past. I'm sure I have a vague recollection of you showing these to me in Justice Comics in Stirling years ago. Still think they are cool


  2. Hi, thanks. Justice Comics is indeed a blast from the past - it was always handy for me at the time as it was just across the road from my girlfriend's flat on King Street - is it still going strong? Haven't been back in Stirling for a good few years now.

    1. Been shut for a few years now unfortunately.