Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enslaved Angel 1

More T-shirt work for Spiral Direct again this week. The management had a very strong idea of what they wanted for this one and were able to provide their own rough of what they wanted, so much so that I felt I had little input into the process at all beyond the actual painting of the image. Sometimes that's our job and I try to not be too precious about "My art". I try.

© Spiral Direct 2010


  1. Faster! More! *cracks whip*
    It's beautifully rendered though Andy. Did you get to photograph your own model... I mean there may always be an upside, right?

  2. some nice work on those hands. I always wondered who did this kind of I know :D

  3. I can't claim too much credit for this one - as I said it was very close to the rough which Spiral supplied this time.

    @ Simon Fraser; I only do a little of this ind of stuff - Anne Stokes does the majority of Spiral's art.