Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Star Wars - Han Solo

HanTrooper_GNREID.jpg, www.gnreid.co.ukSaying that 'Han shot first' still implies that Greedo even got a shot off and lets face it he didn't. Han shot him, shot him dead in a shady bar full of disreputable characters who couldn't care less that Han shot him first, second or even later that day. And if we are honest the fans of Star Wars didn't care that Han had shot Greedo well before the need to feel that Han might have given the alien a fighting chance. Why would Han give Greedo a chance?

Back to drawing Harrison Ford and my quest to capture his likeness on paper, seriously he isn't easy, still I'm pretty happy with this one I think I caught the essence of the guy pretty well without going into major detail.

1 comment:

  1. a bad move on Lucus' part, I liked the 'bad guy' character about Solo, shame Lucus felt the need to change it.
    Your likeness of Ford is very good, a lovely composition too :0)