Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Irons: Hybrids. Madefire. Process.

The Irons: Hybrids portal chase sequence. This will be our French Connection moment. Leto chases a perp (Multon) through the planet sized city using portals to jump to other areas and time-zones. Writer and co-creator Haden Blackman and I envisioned a multi-zone chase highlighting the texture and richness of  The Irons world.

Creating one new world environment is hard enough but we really wanted to push for a variety of different areas: some more frightening and unusual than the main Blade Runner influenced world shown here. The chase allowed us so many possibilities and the Grand Central Station opener will be the money shot!

Crank zoom panels. We cut from the larger panel to these inserts and zoom to close-ups of Leto and Multon (shown in red) Should help to convey the frenetic pace of the chase? Possibility of a faux-handheld camera shake effect with the Madefire tool to add that personal 'in scene' experience.

So many possibilities are available creatively with the added sound and motion options. It really is an exciting and new approach to story-telling.

The inks shown are pencils only. Still to apply an ink draft and colour by Yel Zamor.

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  1. A mighty post and a great crowd scene, always jealous of your crowd work and proof that doing roughs and layouts of them helps at the pay off.