Sunday, September 2, 2012

M's predecessor?

Photobucket George Bentley is the boss of the Special Occult Executive (SOE) in Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht, a sly and aloof individual who keeps his cards close to his chest. He's a WW2 version of James Bond's M character but no where near as benign. In the scenes below he is giving a briefing to assembled heads of the military. When it comes to WW2 as a subject matter I've quickly found out that there are many experts out there. I'll hold my hand up and admit I am not one of these although I know enough to get by with what I'm attempting to do. I this case I posted these images up on my own site and was quickly corrected by a chap that colour projectors weren't around in WW2. I checked it out and found he was completely right. Suprisingly he didn't point out there were no Vampires either:) Photobucket

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  1. Another smoky briefing room brought to life, lovely work. Map needs a few Dads Army arrows tho.