Friday, December 23, 2011

Judge Dredd (reimagined)

I've come across a few sites recently that 'recreate' existing characters just for fun (Project Rooftop etc.) and thought i would participate in some work along those lines. The Whitechapel site were doing a Judge Dredd one last week so this is my redesign from that.

I reckoned that i probably had three options:
1) Tweak and revise the existing design (seemed a bit pointless)
2) Take a more conceptual approach (i did doodle some blind justice style ideas where his eyes/head were masked with cloth - like the statues of a woman holding justice scales but just thought ideas like that would be too impractical for Dredd's environment)
3) Take a more practical 'realistic' approach

I went with option 3 and decided to start from scratch basing the design on a hi-tech evolution of a riot cop (i guess an obvious route to take but it made the most sense to me). The helmet now includes various technical capabilities such as gas mask/filtration system, comms system and night vision/infra red etc. The body suit is armoured and padded for day to day violence and the truncheon is barbed, spiked and electrified. Debated on keeping it mostly black and navy etc. but thought i would transfer over some of the colour from the real Dredd costume.

Quite fun to do, so i may do some more of these next year.


  1. Looks very much like a darker version of Harlems Heroes outfit. Nice design but it's like removing the red pants from Superman's costume. It just looks wrong.

  2. Hadn't really thought about Harlem Heroes until you mentioned it, Peter - but i can see that now.

    Luckily i think Dredd's pretty safe from a 'NEW 52 style makeover 0 but then i thought Supes pants were pretty iconic and safe (even though ridiculous).