Friday, October 28, 2011

Dept. of Monsterology - Rikitikik

Reports are now back on the four new species discovered below the Guatemala sinkholes. The team managed to successfully access previous unknown regions beneath the city by entering the sinkhole and digging through the side walls where they found a warren of interconnected caves deep under the surface. The Rikitiktik seems to be the most intelligent and the ruling species - the Joes act as servants to them, the Fidos as pets and the Slutherneerg as modes of transport (it has been suggested that it is the movement of the Slutherneerg, rather than environmental reasons, that may actually be the cause of the sinkholes in this region)

The Rikitiktik (as illustrated below) stands about 9 feet tall when on two legs, but spends most of it's time in a crawling position as it skitters up and down walls. They have razor sharp teeth and barbed quills on their forearms and elbows, incredibly powerful legs and are extremely agile (the team have witnessed leaps over crevices at least 150 metres wide). They are incredibly ferocious and battle violently amongst themselves, killing members of their own species at a moments notice. They also seem to enjoy organised bloodsports pitting Joes and Fidos against each other in bloody, brutal death matches.

Reports on the Joes, Fidos and Slutherneerg will follow shortly.

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