Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cavestone Cops

Tom's Captain Caveman pic reminded me of an old project that's been gathering dust for over a decade. In 2000 I was working for an animation studio which was pitching for a lot of TV show work. These sketches were for an idea that was a cross between Captain Caveman and the Keystone cops.

The gent in the top hat was the evil banker, determined to sell the neigbourhood homes to make way for a shopping mall. Granny was the constant innocent victim of the local no good muggers but could more than handle herself and the rat was the cop informer, The Huggy Bear of the story with knowledge of everything that's going down on the street. Last but not least the pterodactyl was a memeber of the Cavestone cops flying squad.


  1. Excellent, love the Rat Cop and I reckon that bicycle design wouldn't need stabilisers on it for my kids so its a winner for me.

  2. Love these characters, Alex. Shame it never went anywhere - sounded like it could have been quite different from a lot of the generic nonsense that is green-lit all the time.