Tuesday, February 1, 2011

E is for Eternal Brain

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration
Nope I'd never really heard of him either. First seen in 'Red Raven' #1 by Timely Comics (pre name of Marvel Comics) in 1940, Professor William Carmody is mortally wounded by agents of the Emperor of Mongolia (um… okay) and has his brain transplanted into a tank of his own making where he develops mental (as in his brain not just crazy) powers. Later to appear in Marvel Comics: The Lost Generation the good professor has developed a robot body to house his brain called 'Walkabout' and is in the midst of regrowing his body (hence the embryo attachment) when he is killed by someone called Nocturne.

I can't say a lot of that makes any sense to me but you can read some more about him here.

I had struggled to think of anybody to draw for 'E' and had considered Elektra and Elric but hadn't found any inspiration so when I read about Eternal Brain I could see a more graphical approach to the subject rather than going down the robot with a brain in a jar route. Not often I produce an illustration purely on the computer but I had fun painting in the brain with some very loose strokes.