Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Although we all sit on top of months, if not years, worth of work which is covered/protected by Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) occasionally the companies we work for will produce their own sneak previews of art for up and coming products. In this case I've had the go ahead to show off another piece of CCG artwork after the company did a teaser post last week.

I don't often pose live models for images - I should do it far more often than I do - but a friend stood in for the preacher in this instance (and doesn't it make a difference!?). Ta to Frank Morrow for the top class modeling!

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  1. Stromg image and a good low view point. I'm all for taking reference photography when you can, sometimes its of no direct use but it gives you an eye for things you hadn't thought of or indeed how the structure of an item actually is. Was this painted directly on a computer or did you do a pencil drawing first to work over?