Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Its a Scrooge's miserly christmas greeting from Ebeneezer Tightfist Curmudgeon McHepworth this week. Aye, freezing to death? Luxury! When I were a lad we was so cold that we never even thawed out during summer. Summer? We never even had summer when I were a lad, A Lad, we never had children when I were...

Merry Christmas one and all ;)

Edit; image ©White Wolf 2009, illo from Exalted RPG


  1. This is excellent! I feel the cold. The texture of the snow and values overall are superb. The scene itself reminds me a bit of McBride's paintings, dunno why.

  2. Lovely freezing cold image. He could easily be sat in my back garden at this moment :) Great work.