Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zombie Samurai

A T-shirt design for Spiral direct done relatively recently (pretty fast turnaround with Spiral from artwork to website and sales, for a change). Again, there was a front and back design for the job, so next week you'll get the rear-view. (C) Spiral Direct 2010


  1. I just saw the title: Zombie?! Samurai?!!! How could I fail to look at this?
    Great job- I'm hoping it was as fun to do as it sounds.
    If I could offer any kind of critique it would be the back of the blade is a bit busy against the swirling clothes- what I really want to check out is the face and the Awesome armour (+5 awesome quotient) but that area of clothing/sword is a bit distracting for me... ooh a shiny button on the floor...

  2. Tommi, the client wanted the focus on the blade in this instance, so in a way I'll take your comment as a mark of success ;)

  3. Top stuff as always, Andy. Don't know why, but i really like the background 'shadow dragon' just as much as the main character. Perfect.