Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Judge Dredd Megazine #301

As Tom mentioned last week my first ever work on Judge Dredd is in the shops as of tomorrow (18th), please go to your newsagent or magazine provider of choice and purchase a copy. Not only do you get to see my work inked by fellow Scotch Corner member Gary Erskine but you also get Simon's story 'Lily MacKenzie and the Mines of Charybdis'. So that's three Scotch Corner contributors all in the same place at once! Just look out for the stunning cover by fellow Scotsman Frank Quitely!

Carrying a big box of polystyrene cups I cowered into the Mighty Tharg's office and asked if I could show the pencils to the first page this week, seeing through my attempted sweetener he sent me on my way with a Rigellian Hotshot but graciously agreed to my request.

Graeme Neil Reid,Illustration,Judge Dredd
©2010 Rebellion


  1. Good work, Graeme! How does it feel to be an art droid now?

  2. Ah its great to have drawn Dredd, its also very nerve wracking as nobody told me the newbie art droids needed to sit so close to Mek-Quake.

  3. I bought an extra 4 copies just because you were in it....no really!
    Nice job. First of many we hope.

  4. Cheers Simon, I believe you... no really :)

  5. Ah, it's not in the shops until tomorrow - that would explain why i couldn't find it in the umpteen shops i looked in today. Doh! Looks excellent Graeme, looking forward to tracking down a copy and seeing the whole strip. Congrats!