Thursday, September 26, 2013

Convention banners!

Convention banners are getting more popular these days at events. The bold 2 metre monolithic displays help to identify each artist and allow for a more visible presence of the talent and artwork. They also provide a helpful marker for when you get lost at the larger events ['you're next to Ben Templesmith's red T banner'] I have a small collection now ranging from project to project. Jack Cross, Dan Dare and Kinghts of Pendragon ALL worked well for me at previous shows but have been retired mostly [except for nostalgic MARVEL UK specific events or personal appearances]

The current banners are near always Roller Grrrls now as I am very proud of this creator-owned project [written with Anna Malady] and they work well at events. With Leeds Thought Bubble fast approaching I realised that I needed to push my other personal projects Incendiary.US, Zachariah Gunn:Dakota, Daenna and Island Life. I sketch out the ideas quickly as shown below. This year I am experimenting with a horizontal table skirt. The dimensions of a normal banner work very well and provide a lip to attach to the table top too.

So... after working out the best designs and deciding which images work best for a landscape and/or portrait orientation I then play with some already drawn artwork. The four panel skirt seemed to be the right choice for my own work as I could promote more projects and display in a conventional portrait form. Here's the Gary Erskine table skirt.

[From the left] Leto, The Irons:Hybrids for Madefire/ City of Silence/Boba Fett/Transformers. Very proud of ALL these images. Colours 1, 2 & 3 by Yel Zamor. Transformers colour by Chris Sotomayor

Here's the Roller Grrrls table skirt. Colour by Yel Zamor!

The single landscape banner/table skirt works very well too and packs a visual punch but it only serves the one project. Even though I like the designs they would probably be better served for a specific launch or promotion instead. Here are the Incendiary.US and Zachariah Gunn:DAkota designs.

The final banner design is for City of Silence [creator-owned with Warren Ellis] This was a three issue series from 93 [originally for MARVEL EPIC] that was eventually published seven years later by Image. A wonderfully eccentric story pre-dating Transmetropolitan and a personal favourite. The lineart is new and colours by Yel Zamor over the original D'Israeli/ Laura De Puy version. Who knows what will happen with this project in the future?


  1. Just popped City of Silence on my ToFind list. That image gives me a nice Warheads-like buzz.

    Great post!

  2. Yayy, City of Silence!
    Also Table Skirt....hmmmm

  3. This is super helpful Gary, cheers.