Friday, June 21, 2013

Dredd doodles

Clearing out some old folders and found a couple of Dredd thumbnails in an old sketch book - uniforms look like they were based on the original Judge Dredd (Stallone) movie so i imagine i doodled them round about then.


  1. Stallone Dredd gives me the shudders :)

  2. I'm sure i will be ostracised for this but i'm one of the few (apparently) who never really had a problem with the original Dredd movie (other than Rob Schneider) and thought it did a lot of things well (it probably helps that i couldn't have cared less if the helmet stayed on or not - whenever i speak to any Dredd fans about it, that seems to be the main gripe). Never managed to see the new one at the Cinema as it was out while i was on holiday last year but was excited to see it on DVD due to all the rave reviews it had been getting by the fans. Eventually found time to watch it a month or so ago and i actually found it pretty dull and boring in parts - maybe it needed the 3D slo-mo effects which by all accounts looked great on the big screen, but if so that's a fail in my book too. So, was it more accurate to the comic than the Stallone version? - absolutely, but did it entertain me more? - nope :( Right, i'm very quickly walking away now before i get a double whammy to the head.

  3. I think most Dredd fans have at least a small liking for some elements of the Stallone film. A lot of the design (forget the uniform) was excellent, model work was good and things like Mean Angel where perfect. But it had just as much wrong with it. I don't hate it I just don't think its a very good film.

    I do prefer the new film but it does feel very much like a 'more to come' story. Mind you I wouldn't know how you'd go about trying to do a first Dredd film anyway, where would you begin?