Sunday, March 31, 2013


Oops, looks like i made a mess of my autopost and didn't set it properly - doh!

Just back from Dundee Comics Expo so just able to fix it now. Really enjoyable day at the Expo. Comics stuff during the day then out for some drinks, grub and Judge Minty showing at the DCA with Graeme, Gary, Jeremy Briggs and Nigel Dobbyn. Followed by further drinking session at the DCA with Jim Stewart, David Lloyd, Bryan Talbot and his wife Mary, and the guys from Plan B books. Great down to earth bunch and i was far too easily convinced to stay on instead of heading home at the sensible time i had promised myself i would. Hey, ho - sure i'll be sober and fighting fit tomorrow, actually looking at the clock i mean today :(

Anyhoo, this shot of Orlok is from issue 6 of School of the Damned (which will hopefully be out next month).

Oh, and Alex has copies of Outpost available now - do yourself a favour and pick one up, the artwork is amazing.

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