Monday, May 28, 2012

Jonday - ImagineFX George and the Dragon

So fantasy art mag ImagineFX commissioned a walkthrough from me, and the mag hit UK trade stands this last week.  The theme was St George and the Dragon, using Artrage.  Here's the finished piece.

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  1. Another great image Jon, and a good article too.

  2. Did you read it, Graeme? I'm yet to see it! I gather I'm billed as Scottish, which was an unexpected honour! :)

  3. You are Scottish aren't you? …wait a minute!!!

    Yeah, I subscribe to ImagineFX so it turned up last week, I like it mostly for the more traditional side of illustration but its good to try and keep up with all the 3D and gizmo side of Fantasy art that takes prominence these days, even if I don't understand it :)

    I liked your term 'extremely blendy'. I did like the fact that you pushed narrative in the illustration, time and story is important. Also that you worked on making the image work overall, yes you are building in shape and details into the dragon and characters but you've not just gone 'bang' that's the dragon all done and bugger its not going to work out properly with the rest of it but sod it it will be fine. Good stuff.

    Y'know if you drink our water long enough you become Scottish anyway.