Thursday, April 26, 2012

Roller Grrrls. Promotional trailer. Evolution.

The Roller Grrrls promotion trailers went live on Tuesday and feature vignettes of our characters leading up to the leads Mouse, Snow and Anna. The second teaser features Bridget, our comprehensive teacher.The following images show the four stages of how each of these episodes are created. It is also the same process I use for most artwork.

Layout. Biro. The most important part of the whole creative process. It defines the composition. Everything that follows is polishing that original idea.

Next step is pencils. I use a brushpen on 90gm tracing paper and treat this a first draft ink pass. It takes a lot of confidence but after twenty plus years it works for me (mostly) Some minor additions (her waiscoat) are made and corrections too.

Inks next. The waistcoat didn't work so I dropped it. The pencils are flipped and I ink in reverse as it allows me to correct a skew (eyelines and perspectives especially) Details are tightened up too. The reference below is shown correctly for the purpose of continuity. The third panel was drawn earlier.

This is a raw scan only and still requires processing in Photoshop. Contrast and levels passes make for a sharper and blacker line. Some additional corrections and cropping are made and the image is finally flipped one last time back to it's correct orientation. Lettering and logo are added and then the post is uploaded. Repeat this every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! ;)

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