Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Guest Post - Kev Levell!

Special treat for us this Sunday as rising illustration star Kev Levell drops in with a superb illustration. Take it away Kev...

Hi, I'm Kev Levell... There is nothing remotely Scottish about me, I don't qualify in any way... So, in an attempt to make up for my Gaelically challenged nature, I've submitted a pin-up of the Joker's sexy sidekick and would-be girlfriend, Harley Quinn - I hope it is enough to act as a sort of visa waiver for me.

My life-long dream, other than being an honourary Scot, of course, is to draw comics professionally. I've recently completed a couple of strips for Zarjaz and Dogbreath (the 2000AD fanzines) and those will be out later in the year. In the meantime, please feel free to check out my blog, or my newly refreshed website where you can see some of my more usual illustration work.

Many thanks Kev, be sure to drop by his sites for more work. His blog is one to bookmark and he regularly shows work in progress as well as finished work.

And remember that you can take part too, click here to read how to become a guest and an adopted Scotsman!


  1. Lovely piece Kev. With this as a visa waver the worlds your oyster :) jeux sans frontièress !

  2. Well done Kev! Another successful guest post! That's a hell of a nice website you've got dude.

  3. Gorgeously sassy Harlequin. You have captured her perfectly. Very sexy but with a hint of danger. Like a girlfriend going through that monthly thing.

  4. I have seen a lot of different sketches and drawings of Harley Quinn, but just a few with the quality than this one has. The facial details are perfect and the colors too.

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