Friday, February 24, 2012

The Correction

Following on from my post from a few weeks ago, this is the final cover image for THE CORRECTION novel front cover. If you fancy picking up a copy you can buy it here

The revised cover ended up being a pretty literal take on the original inspiration and done as a pencil illustration. Edits to the crowd, their weapons and the woman's beret were all left in pencil while some flat colours were dropped over the new tech elements and the revised flag. The replacement cover was a change of plans late in the game and i wasn't at home when i needed to do most of the drawing for the new version - all i had to hand was a throwaway IKEA pencil, not ideal but with a lot of finger smudging i pretty much got the effect i was after. It wasn't easy to create the A3 version of this accurately, as i could only find some rather small and poor quality jpegs of the original painting to work from and it was incredibly hard to see lines, shapes and tones - i think it's close enough that it's obvious what it is based upon though.

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  1. This works so much better than the first design, a lot stronger and graphically superior. Nice work.