Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Guest – John Higgins!

1) What was your first published work?
Home Grown Magazine, painted cover 1977

2) Who or what inspires you?
Leonard Da Vinci and Richard Corben, seriously!

3) What would be your dream job to illustrate?
A Batman Story written by Mike Carroll or Al Ewing.

4) Tell us a bit about the illustration you've sent?
This is one of my Twist Bitches, part woman, part bioengineered killing entity,
trained since puberty to kill and destroy any living thing she has been pointed at by her god, Razorjack.

5) What can we expect to see from you next (what are you working on)?

Razorjack is an ongoing Trans Media creative platform initiated by my self under the patronage of Com.x. This is a personal art project that is on going until it reaches a certain creative tipping point. And I have just started a Dredd story written by the inimitable Michael Carroll, SF book writer extraordinaire who is fast becoming one of the modern Dredd writers, with Al Ewing who’s stories inspire me to go beyond my Dredd comfort zone, and demands that I give more on the page. As Dredd is one of my all time favorite characters I find this just makes my job even more enjoyable.

6) If you hadn't become an artist what do you think you'd have ended up doing?
You know that smelly bloke you step over under any railway embankment?

7) Where can we see more of your work (web links)?

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