Monday, December 6, 2010

Jonday: Artrage in Progress

So I do this Artrage live chat thing every monday, work permitting. This is a piece of work I made live last week, based on a pre-existing pencil piece.
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I'm getting interveiwed right mun my face today at 1430GMT here: And there's loads of other good stuff to catch up on over there, so take a look.


  1. Very atmospheric piece and I enjoyed the interview you did. I have a feeling I might enjoy using Artrage as I love using the traditional medium so much but find little time to use it that this would speed things up for me.

    A question though, I see that you can buy a very cheap older version of Artrage. Is it better to begin there or if money allows go for the latest version straight away. The latest version is cheap for an application anyway but I wondered if it took more getting used to than an earlier version?

  2. Hey Graeme.
    I'd download the 30 day demo of Studio Pro and see how you get on with that. I think you might be cheating yourself if you spend the 15 quid on AR2, and later wanted to upgrade to Studio Pro.

    In general AR is very accessible and easy to get into, provided you aren't one of those people who steadfastly refuse to use anything that isnt that same as PS. :)

  3. I think I might have some free time during the Christmas break so will download the demo and give it a go then. I like finding new toys to draw with but sometimes you need to give them more time to get to grips with them than I actually have and so they languish around not getting used. Manga Studio is one of those, I'd like to get into using that but every time I have a spare hour or two I just hit a wall with it.

  4. I'm much the same - in fact I had the original ancient demo version of ArtRage sat on my HD for a couple of years before I really got to grips with it.

  5. I've only ever used artrage (version 2) for some sketches here on scotch corner but found it very intuitive and a really nice bit of software just to play and experiment with. Wouldn't bother paying for version 2 - the demo of version 2 is pretty much a full version anyway and i didn't really benefit from upgrading to the full package. Version 3 is worth paying for though - for what you shell out artrage is an absolute bargain.

    I'm with you on Manga Studio, Graeme - paid out for that about a year or so ago and just got fed up with it after a few attempts, too much hassle- not intuitive at all, looks like the kind of software where you need the manual next to you until you learn it thoroughly and i just haven't had the time to do that.

    Appreciate the artrage video tutorials,Jon -haven't had time to watch them yet - but have bookmarked them and plan to look at them over the xmas holidays. Cheers.